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Afro-American father and son hugging each other during emotional time accidental death & dismemberment insurance

accidental death

In insurance, accidental death and dismemberment is a policy that pays benefits to the beneficiary if the cause of death is an accident. This is a limited form of life insurance which is generally less expensive. Accidental death and dismemberment…

hands typing on a laptop business overhead insurance

business overhead

Overhead costs, often referred to as overhead or operating expenses, refer to those expenses associated with running a business that can’t be linked to creating or producing a product or service. They are the expenses the business incurs to stay…

lock icon in cyber environment for cyber insurance

cyber security

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year, leading to enormous financial damage and other problems. Arm yourself against identity theft with identity monitoring and expert restoration from IDShield. For a low monthly fee…

dentist working on a patient's teeth dental insurance

dental insurance

Dental insurance plans are intended to reduce the cost of dental care. Dental insurance providers typically negotiate lower fees with in-network dentists, and also pay (“cover”) a percentage of the reduced fee. Preventive: Dental insurance plans…

family supporting their disabled father in wheelchair disability insurance


You may not think you need a long-term insurance policy, but based on numbers from the Social Security Administration, more than 1 in 4 workers who are 20-years-old will be out of work for 90 days or more because of a disability…

family smiling under a paper roof top because they have life insurance

life insurance

Buying life insurance seems daunting. But most people can start shopping by making one key decision: Do you need term life insurance or whole life insurance? Both types have their benefits and drawbacks: Term life insurance is…

Afro-American woman helping an elderly Caucasian man with rehabilitation and exercise long-term care insurance

long-term care

It might be hard to imagine now, but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life. The big question is: How will you pay for it? Buying long-term care insurance is one way to plan financially for a time when…

legal scales and stethoscope liability insurance


Medical malpractice insurance is a critical part of practicing medicine, making it essential for physicians beginning their practices to understand the types of malpractice policies available. Occurrence policies provide…

elderly husband and wife helping each other with medication therapy medicare


Learn about the two main ways to receive your Medicare coverage — Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). What Part A covers, No premium for benefits if you worked and paid into Social Security for 40 Quarters…

eye doctor examining patient vision insurance


Save money and protect your eye health. A vision insurance plan may reduce your out-of-pocket costs for eye care. Vision insurance plans start at $16 to $18 per month. Receive discounts on vision expenses like glasses or even LASIK and receive…

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